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Welcome to Acua

Important Information


The team at Acua are excited to welcome you. Your decision to invest into your (or your child’s) care and welfare is the most important investment you can make. 


We offer open dialogue, psychological safety, humble enquiry, support, independent third party assistance all combine to deliver tools, information, training, counsellors and coaches to support you.


This welcome page will detail some key processes to maximise the Acua Counselling experience.


At any time we welcome your ideas, feedback and collaboration to provide you with the best possible combination of solutions to support you. 


The Team at ACUA welcomes you and looks forward to providing a quality service.



Information is used to develop an understanding of your issues and for determining treatment. Any information you provide is voluntary; however, withholding requested information may result in a less accurate understanding of the problem and less effective treatment. You may access the material recorded in your file upon request, subject to the exceptions in National Privacy Principle 6 (Australian Privacy Principles Guidelines). All information and records gathered by the Counsellor, Consultant or Coach during the provision of the psychological service will remain confidential and secure except when:


1.       It is subpoenaed by a court, or

2.       You or another person (including children) might be at risk of harm, or 

3.       Your prior approval has been obtained, to 

           a)        Provide a written report to another professional or agency, e.g. a medical specialist, GP or                           rehabilitation coordinator; or 

           b)        Provide a written report to the insurance company funding your treatment; or 

           c)        Discuss the material with another person, e.g. a family member, school or employer.

           You are invited to detail any of these stakeholders in your 'intake form' or at any time with an email

           requesting a stockholder to be informed. 

Cancellation Policy

In order not to incur a chargeable fee for a session any cancellations require notification of at least two (2) business days (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm). Please be punctual for your appointments. Your booked session time is reserved for you. Any late arrival will not allow for readjustment of session time. Cancellation Policy does not apply to Term Enrolment non-attendance.

For Clients of Counsellors & Therapists

Please read this and be aware that there are limitations to this service, and, if you have an urgent matter to do with your mental health, risk of life or danger you should contact your local community mental health team, hospital or police service. If you require representation or advocacy please notify Acua for any support. Please complete the digital 'intake form'. 


Payments are by way of cash, credit card or bank direct deposit. Please note direct deposit payments must be confirmed prior to the session. In any direct deposit or bank transfer enter the last here digits of your invoice number. Confirmation of payment through direct deposit is to be emailed through to Acua prior to your session.


With ‘Term Enrolment’ the fee is for the entire term. A term enrolment is constructed of a number of elements and is purchased as one service. As the day and time is booked for a term and reserved for you or your child and cannot be offered to anyone else any non-attendance is still charged as the appointment is reserved specifically for you. Term Enrolments include a charge for nominated session times, administration (goal setting consultation), moderation and a report. Any non-attendance should first explore Telehealth as an alternative. Make up sessions are not available.

Emergency Planning

Acua operates as a team. In the event your therapist is sick, Acua will first attempt to provide an alternative therapist before cancelling a session. Acua will also explore remote/Zoom sessions or make up sessions. (Please note make up sessions are only considered if Acua has to cancel a session under a term enrolment when an alternative therapist is not available. It is dependent on calendar availability). 

Consent and Agreement

You have read and understand the Acua Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Feedback Policy. You accept the terms of the agreement as detailed on the Terms and Conditions page and agree to participate in therapy (counselling, coaching, training and/or therapy) provided by an Acua counsellor/coach/consultant/therapist. 


You agree to abide by the listed conditions of therapy and payment for such services. You also agree that all information supplied by you is true and correct. 


You understand that and give consent to Acua to speak with any third parties as required by law or listed in the 'Intake Form' or detailed in writing. 

Acua Therapy Flowchart

Acua Flowcart.png
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