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Unlike counselling which is focused on the challenges and issues a client is facing, Coaching focuses on the performance of the individual. Like a sports coach, an Acua life coach is there to help you perform at your best. It is more a team dynamic with both coach and client working on goals.


With a significant corporate history including roles as CEO, Managing Director and Board Member, Acua Coaches provide Executive Coaching for those who seek to be true and authentic leaders or entrepreneurs.

Career Coaching

Advancing your career, just starting out or planning an exit? Acua can aid your career with coaching, career portfolio, pitch, presentation and direction.


Sometimes we can get lost within the organisation we work for and find ourselves working in a role just because we can. Acua will help clients identify or re-identify with their passion and chart an authentic path towards a career that can feel like never working again. 

Executive & Performance Coaching

Global markets, sustainability, increased credentials, scaling up, agility, innovation, stakeholder relationships, investment, leadership .... leading an organisation today is completely different to yesterday. 

Leaders require vision, foresight, design intelligence, influence and demonstrated performance. Qualifications are just not enough. Skill and talent is not enough.


An Acua executive & performance coach can aid your leadership career with access to emergent trends, contemporary innovation practice and strategic performance. Every high performing sports team has a coach and now with Acua you can have a secret weapon on your side too.  

Enterprise Coaching

Like each high performing sport team, every organisation should have an Enterprise Coach. An independent third party with valuable insight into performance psychology and entrepreneurialism is a powerful addition to any enterprise. 

Supporting values and culture, sustainability, agility and profitability an Enterprise Coach will elevate the team's performance. 

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