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With over fifteen years coaching and counselling clients Acua has an authentic approach to caring for others and aiding progress through difficult times. Acua is committed to supporting metal health and fitness. Acua will help explore the underlying causes and work with clients to develop goal-oriented solutions approach to owning a positive mindset and making sound decisions that lead to productive healthy behaviours.

Couples & Relationship Therapy

The journey between two individuals is the relationship. Over time couples can get caught up in the humdrum of life and forget their partners needs and desires. Couple’s therapy interweaves solo and couple therapy in order to bring a couple back to an authentic loving space.

Individual Counselling

Working with a therapist is a healthy way to address goals, desires and challenges in order to design a life you ultimately want to thrive in. Your mental fitness is a complex mix of discipline, vulnerability and commitment. Acua is here to assist individuals who aim to achieve better. 

Aged Care Counselling

Acua partners with Aged Care providers to deliver personalised compassionate counselling to clients who may be struggling in their retirement. 


Services include:

  • Counselling

  • Active Therapy 

  • Group Therapy


At times it may be difficult to adjust to the changes that come with age including feeling isolated, alone, distrustful, confused and not heard. Acua can provide a discrete, regular and healthy presence in an aged client's life.  

Family Therapy

Contemporary families in Australia enjoy the diversity and richness of all the colours in a rainbow. However at times this can lead to conflict, stress, isolation, self-harm, estrangement and confusion. 


Acua works with the family members to bring understanding, empathy and open communication so that all family members can enjoy each other and address future challenges. 

Speech & Developmental Therapy

Working with both children and adults Acua has a curriculum designed to work with clients who may be suffering developmental delay, confidence issues, self-esteem concerns or speech challenges. 


Individual and Group therapy solutions help individuals identify with their strengths, practice their speech, voice production, expression and creativity.


Developmentally Acua has designed a complete alternative curriculum to learning and development that arms children and adolescents with a 'conceptual information synthesis' approach. For many this has had a liberated learning style that combats the challenges of the sequential approach offered by standard schooling and education. 

Men's Health

In Australia, Men are far less likely to invest into their mental health and wellbeing. Acua has created a community specialising in mens health and mental fitness. Men's Health Coach offers clinical counselling and therapy to men and their partners. We like to think of Mens Health Coach being just like a personal trainer but for mental fitness. 


Men's Health Coach offers a discrete, inclusive, relaxed and non-judgemental approach to exploring issues and introducing actions that can improve your life.








Visit www.MensHealth.Coach for more information or contact Acua. 

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