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in-school counselling

Therapy for parents, children, community and family.

In-School Counselling

Your school has teamed up with Acua to provide the school community counselling and therapy on campus. This means you and/or your child can access counselling support at your school, instead of racing around to appointments outside of school hours. Acua is a private clinic and does charge a fee for its services. For children this means they can access a counsellor during class times at the school. 


Acua champions healthy families that are able to share, support and grow together.


Apart from couples and relationship therapy for parents Acua also offers a range of services for children. Acua works in a network of practitioners including Psychologists, Counsellors, Behaviour Support, Speech Therapists and others to support the development of children of all ages. Acua is committed to setting each child up for success.


Parents can also access the services on campus for couples counselling, individual counselling or career coaching.

How it Works


First step is to attend a presentation or contact Acua and book in a time for the initial session. 


Second step is to confirm regular sessions with a term enrolment. This way your session is confirmed weekly or fortnightly. 


That’s it! Two easy steps.



Acua does work with NDIS clients. If your child is needing support Acua can also help you apply for Early Intervention Funding for children aged 7 and under through the NDIS.

Acua Welcomes Your Enquiry

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