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EAP Lounge

Your workplace has partnered with Acua to provide all employees assistance with health, wellbeing and mental fitness. This is called Employee Assistance Program or EAP.

Below are links to videos, blogs, posts, tips and articles that you can access at any time. We will continue to grow our Lounge content over time. We welcome your contributions too.  

If you can't find your EAP Webpage Link you will need to ask your Wellbeing Coordinator or HR team at work. Please make sure you have your password. If you don't please ask your Wellbeing Coordinator or HR team at work. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions to make this Lounge better please contact Acua with your suggestion, article, video or link. 

EAP Counselling

EAP is designed to give staff independent third party counselling assistance to support staff through challenges, issues or times when support is needed. It can be work or non work related.

EAP Counselling is confidential. Acua does not share with your employer any information discussed during an EAP counselling session.

Your organisation will allocated a number of sessions for you to access ACUA EAP as you need it. You may be eligible for more if you require it. If you have already used your three EAP sessions you will need to request further sessions from you Wellbeing Coordinator or HR Team. 

Many Acua EAP individuals will engage Acua directly if no further EAP sessions are provided to them. 

EAP Access

Step 01: Contact Acua EAP

Call or SMS the Acua EAP Mobile to book in a time for an EAP Counselling Session. 

Step 02: Verification

You will be asked your name, your role at work, the organisation you work at and the location of your work. You will also need to give Acua the your Organisation's verification code.

Step 03: Call / SMS Contact Triage

Your request will be triaged in the first instance to assess any urgency or priority. this means the consultant may ask how you are, the nature of your call and how Acua EAP may be able to assist you. (This is valuable information for the Counsellor).

Step 04: Booking Confirmation

Once verified you will then be booked in for your first EAP Counselling session.

Attend your Counselling session. Reflect on your Counselling session. Book in another EAP Counselling session if you need it.


The following is a carefully curated selection of expert content to support healthy mindset, happy hearts and a fit body. 



All it takes is 10 mindful minutes. (Andy Puddicombe, TED. 11 Jan 2013)

How mindfulness changes the emotional life of our brains. (Richard J. Davidson, TED. 01 Feb 2019)

How Mindfulness Transforms Us. (Jo Pang. TED. 14 June 2018)

Workplace Communication

The Power of Communication. (Nina Legath. TED. 01 May 2019) 

The Art of Effective Communication. (Marcus Alexander Velazquez. TED.  02 February 2001) 

The micronisation of communication in the workplace. (Paul Zimmerman. TED. 06 February 2015)

How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it). (Katherine Hampsten. TED. 18 December 2019) 

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