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Acua is a multi-disciplinary therapy practice. It offers coaching, counselling, clinical psychotherapy, employee assistance programs for business as well as mediation and conflict resolution services.

Acua delivers compassionate and innovative

services to support any individual or enterprise.


With over fifteen years coaching and counselling clients Acua has an authentic approach to caring for others and aiding progress through difficult times. Acua is committed to supporting metal health and fitness. Acua will help explore the underlying causes and work with clients to develop goal-oriented solutions approach to owning a positive mindset and making sound decisions that lead to productive healthy behaviours.

Individual, Couples, Groups, Aged-Care, Career Counselling, Family, Mens Health, Speech and Developmental Services are available. 


Unlike counselling which is focused on the challenges and issues a client is facing, coaching focuses on the performance of the individual. Like a sports coach, a life coach is there to help you perform at your best. It is more a team dynamic with both coach and client working on goals.


With a significant corporate history including roles as CEO, Managing Director and Board Member, Acua Coaches provide Executive Coaching for those who seek to be true authentic leaders. 


Acua is a leading provider of consulting, coaching, mediation, employee advocacy, training and employee assistance for small to medium business in Australia. We customise EAP solutions for larger organisations as well.


Acua has a dedicated therapy team looking after the needs of Children, Adolescents and Families. 

Supporting cognitive development, emotional regulation, socialisation, speech and behaviour, Acua practitioners include Counsellors, Educators and Psychologists who work together to give you child the best possible start.  


Often when relationships are in decline they can become emotional and painful to work through. Acua provides a sensitive and discrete mediation service aimed to address issues, find solutions and heal emotional trauma so that clients can progress in life positively. 

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